Med Office Specialist

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Certificate in Medical Office Specialist
The objective of the Medical Office Specialist certificate program is to prepare students with the knowledge, technical skills, and work habits required for entry-level jobs as office clerks, administrative assistants, and receptionists in medical office settings. Graduates may find suitable employment as computer help desk, customer care representative, office supervisor, office administrator and in many other positions. This program includes instruction in medical terminology, computer hardware and software, Microsoft Windows applications like Word, Excel, PowerPoint, FrontPage, and Publisher as well as written and oral business communication skills.

Duties for graduates of this program may include managing the office, running application programs used for word processing to plan and design professional documents, letters, brochures, flyers, etc., plan and design effective spreadsheets for basic book keeping and records management, computerized presentations, design of basic websites, design and publish manuals, directories, business cards, and letterheads.

The subjects for this Program are:

  1. MTY 101 Medical Terminology

In this phase the students will get familiar with medical terms, including prefixes, root words, and suffixes. The student will study provider and medical abbreviations as well as disease, psychology and treatment methodology. This course will emphasize studying the following body systems: urinary, integumentary, musculoskeletal, respiratory, cardiovascular, digestive, reproductive, nervous, endocrine, eyes, ears, nose and throat.

  1. MOA 102 Medical Office Administration

This course is designed to introduce the beginning student to the basic principles of insurance terminology, health insurance and medical billing. In addition, the student will contemplate the impact of health insurance on today’s economy. We will also cover the different departments within an insurance company and operations. This phase will also give the student the opportunity to understand the importance of legal issues that affect the medical biller and health claims examiner. Students will be taught fundamentals of health information technology to provide them with the importance of written communication skills, accounts receivable management, supportive documentation, and customer service.

  1. ITC 101 Computer Hardware and Software

This subject provides a brief overview of computers, computer parts, printers, fax machines, external hard drive, and other electronic devices. The subject also exposes students to different computer software such as operating systems, Microsoft Windows 7, office applications such as Microsoft Office 2013.

  1. ITC 102 Word Processing and Documentation

This subject introduces students to Microsoft Word 2007. Students will know how to compose letter, typing memos and fax messages. They will also know how to type a report, insert tables, pictures, borders, and page setup among others. They will practice creating visually impacting documents, as well as creating labels and business cards.

  1. ITC 103 Spreadsheet Applications

This subject introduces students to Microsoft Excel 2013 package. Students will learn the basic functions of spreadsheet, familiarize with menu bars, and create worksheets. They will also learn advanced features such as using mathematical functions and formulas, drawing charts, formatting tables and generating reports.

  1. ITC 104 Advanced Topics in Power-Point Presentation

This subject helps students in making visually impacting presentation using PowerPoint software. Students will learn how to create a presentation, develop by adding tables, inserting clip art, animation, and other features.

  1. ITC 105 Internet and Web-based Resources

This subject introduces students to basic understanding of how computers are connected to the Internet and how various information resources in the World Wide Web are accessed for business use.  Students will learn networking, Internet protocols, URL system, WWW resources. They will also learn the proper way of using Search Engines to locate healthcare related information.

  1. ITC 106 PC Security, Troubleshooting and Maintenance

This subject prepares students to detect and rectify the common problems/ troubles that occur in office equipments.  Students will learn how to fix printers, connecting to the Internet, back up files, install virus protection software, and many such routine operations. The emphasis is in building confidence in students to perform routine maintenance of office equipments prior to making service calls for experts.

The program is available in all three study modes (full-time day student, part-time evening student, and part-time distance education student).

Full-time day student can complete this program in 10 weeks.


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