Home Health Aide

Certificate in Home Health Aide
Home health aide (HHA) certificate program is designed to prepare individuals to provide routine care and support services for home bound disabled, recovering or elderly people. Job opportunities are excellent because of rapid growth in home healthcare and high replacement needs. Home Health Aides, also known as Home Attendants, help clients who may need assistance in living in their own homes or in residential facilities instead of in health facilities or institutions. Home health aides also assist people in hospices and day programs and help individuals with disabilities go to work and remain engaged in their communities.

This program provides instructions in basic nutrition, home sanitation, infection control, first aid, personal hygiene, interpersonal communication skills, geriatric care, and legal and ethical responsibilities.

The subjects for this Program are:


  1. HHA 101   Familiarization with Basic Duties

This subject sets the job requirements and career expectations. The students will get familiar with job duties related to different types of clients. The student will study basic concepts of personal care including home sanitation, basic nutrition, first aid, personal hygiene, infection control.  Home health aides will be instructed how to meet special dietary needs of clients. Furthermore, they will be trained in basic housekeeping tasks, such as making a bed and keeping the home sanitary and safe for the client.

  1. HHA 102 Techniques in Personal Hygiene and Grooming

This subject teaches safe techniques in providing basic services in personal hygiene and grooming. Students will practice techniques for bed bath, shower bath, nail and skin care, oral hygiene, toileting and elimination. In this subject students also practice in improving communication skills, including the ability to read, write, and make brief and accurate oral and written presentations to patients.

  1. HHA 103 Emergency, Special Care and Reporting Client Information

This subject makes students aware of special needs and emergency responses. Instructions will be given on life saving techniques, handling emergencies and reporting information to proper authorities. Home health aides are accountable to the patient, patient’s family or to the hiring agency, and as such certain information must be recorded and reported periodically. They may help with simple prescribed exercises and assist with medications administration.

  1. HHA 104 Legal Responsibilities and Work Ethics

This subject teaches legal requirements and work ethics. Home health aides generally work alone and they receive detailed instructions explaining when to visit patients and what services to perform. There are certain legal requirements that must be adhered to and aides must conduct themselves in a professional and courteous manner while in a client’s home. Some clients prefer that tasks are done in a particular way and aides are expected to follow that. They should be responsible, compassionate, emotionally stable, and cheerful. In addition, aides should be tactful, honest, and discreet, because they work in private homes. Home health aides also must be in good health. A physical examination, including State-mandated tests for tuberculosis and other diseases, a criminal background check and a good driving record may be required by patients and the families for employment.

The program is available in two study modes (full-time day student and part-time evening student).

Full-time day student can complete this program in 3 weeks.

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