Covid-19 Information

Texas Healthtech Institute has applied for COVID-19 emergency grant. The amount of
the grant is unknown at this time. This grant is to assist students who were attending
schools of higher education during the COVID-19 emergency school closing and
lockdown social distancing requirements in March 2020.
The CARES ACT HIGHER ED Grant will be awarded to each approved higher
education school. The school has to determine based on guidelines for how it will
disburse the emergency funds to students.
When the school issues checks to students, they must sign that they will use the funds
for one or more of the expenses listed on the CARES ACT Certification and Agreement
document, for “food, housing, course materials, technology, health care, and child-care
expenses”.  We will also give students the opportunity to forego the payment if they
have not been financially affected and wish to donate their portion back to the school
fund so we can reallocate funds to other students who may have a financial hardship.
The school will allocate CARES ACT Emergency Relief funds to students equally,
based on the total number of enrolled students who were attending classes on
03/16/2020 – 05/31/2020 when the school adjusted program delivery due to COVID-19
lockdown and who wish to participate in the grant funding opportunity. We will divide the
number of attending students into the emergency fund grant amount and allocate funds
equally to each student.  This is grant money and will not have to be repaid.
We hope to receive funds promptly. Students will receive funds by check mailed to the
home address or students may pick up checks from the school. The school will upload a
certification form as soon as the funds are received from the Department of Education.